Follow-up Material from the Bliss and Technology day at the BCI International Panl Meeting, August 4 2016,
Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario,Canada.

Agenda ...


And here is the: GoToMeeting Chat log 4:th August

Follow-up emails with additional information and links below ….

From Hermann (and Russell)

Hi Russell,

great, you liked it.

If you follow the links

· ,

· ,

· ,

· ,

· ,

· ,


you´ll find much more Bliss-related stuff. What are your special interests in the field?

Looking forward to hearing from you


Von: Russell Galvin Gesendet: Freitag, 5. August 2016 21:09 An: Hermann Bense

Betreff: Re: AW: BCI Panel Bliss and Technology Meeting - Slides of Hermann Bense´s Talk on "Using Bliss-Symbols for the Decomposition ..."

Thanks Hermann, I found your presentation very interesting and hope to follow up in a short while with some further questions after looking at your website in detail.

From Tobias (TurboDevs):


If anyone have any questions or comments for my presentation today, just send me an e-mail to this address (


BlissBase presenation by developer Magnus William Eriksen:

WebApp for BlissBase that is currently running from a Eriksen's laptop (might be slow at times): and

TED-presentation by Mary Lou Jepsen explaining brain-scanning with images:

Paper about MRI  and scanning visual imagery:

Our test using the Emotiv Insight EEG headset to control a game in Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift DK2) by using the Bliss for "up" to activate the jetpack in the game:

We have used blissymbols to control games at SpillExpo ( in 2014 and 2015 and at The Gathering ( in 2016 with several hundred people trying it out at each event.

My master thesis currently about testing how effective blissymbols are compared to motor imagery, and i'll share my results when they are in.


Greetings from Ole Reidar, Bliss and text AAC user in Norway:


Jeg synes det er mye interessant skjer med bliss nå, men jeg ønsker at vi får på plass nye blissprogrammer for bliss.

Eksempel skriveprogrammer OG CHATT PROGRAMMER FOR BLISS:


Jeg tror der har vi løsning til kunstig intelligens .vi mennesker tenker i bilder .hvis vi skal knekke kode til kunstig intelligens da vi må bruker symboler å programmering med .

Hilsen Ole Reidar

in my English summary:


A lot of interesting things for Bliss seem to happen now, but I wish to see new Bliss software.

For example apps to write and chat with Bliss: It is interesting to develop with Bliss.

I think Bliss may be part of solutions for Artificial Intelligence. We human beings think in images, and to crack AI we should use symbols for programing.

Greetings, Ole Reidar