Blissymbol resources – The BCI Authorized Vocabulary (BCI-AV) – 2018, April 19

This Blissymbol repository was accepted as the current official representation of the BCI-AV by the BCI Board of Directors at the meeting June 16 to June 30, 2009. This update October-November 2017 (see update history below) will however be the last one on behalf of BCI (due to reasons possibly explained elsewhere ...).

Note 1: Please respect that this material is openly shared with all interested parties under the conditions of the free “copyleft” CreativeCommons-BY-SA license. Any proprietary use will have to be discussed with BCI (Blissymbolics Communication International) - see: BCI Licensing Conditions.

Note 2: Work is continuously going on to check and improve this resource towards full completeness and perfection. This work continues. Any comments helping in this work are welcome.

Latest versions (2017-10-21 – 12-03 – 2018-04-01 - 04-19) of WinBliss lexicon files, documentation, and exported file libs – containing the complete updated vocabulary (with BCI-AV numbers in the WinBliss, LibreOffice Calc and Excel spreadsheet files, and PDF printouts)

Export libraries in 4 different image file formats (SVG, PNG, BMP and WMF) in 9 different sizes (mostly PNG libs with transparent backgrounds, re-scaled from the 1000 hight originals) and spreadsheet (Excel) files with (and without) the symbols included together with the English gloss and other existing and pending translations.
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File downloads ...

WinBliss files (from/for the WinBliss application – may be viewed in text format):

Joined complete: BCI-AV_2018-04-01.wbs ( 5825 Bliss characters and words – see the change history information below) - updated 2018-04-01

Separate: Decided_controlled_Uppsala_2015_B.wbs (149 symbols ) - (updated 2017-10-21)

Separate: Toronto-2016_b.wbs (60 symbols ) - (updated 2017-10-21)

Separate: added_and_adjusted_chars_2017.wbs (45 symbols ) - (updated 2017-10-21)

Separate: updates_2015-17.wbs (88 symbols ) - (updated 2017-10-21)

Separate: additions_2015-17.wbs (38 symbols ) - (updated 2017-10-21)

Separate: updates-additions_2015-17.wbs (127 symbols ) - (updated 2017-10-21)

Older separate WinBliss lexicon files for documentation

WinBliss file library exports of the whole Bliss lexicon (BCI-AV – 2015-08-27 – 2018-04-01): ( 5825 symbols, SVG Scalable Vector Graphics - black on transparent background) updated 2018-04-01see below (5825 symbols, 1000 pixels high uncompressed BMP - black on white background) updated 2018-04-01 see below (5825 symbols, 1000 pixels high PNG - black on white background) updated 2018-04-01see below (5825 symbols, 1000 pixels high PNG - black on transparent (white) background) updated 2018-04-01see below ( 5825 symbols, 500 pixels high PNG - black on transparent (white) background) updated 2018-04-01see below (5825 symbols, 250 pixels high PNG - black on transparent (white) background) updated 2018-04-01see below ( 5825 symbols, 164 pixels high - black on transparent (white) background) updated 2018-04-01see below (5825 symbols, 156 pixels high - black on transparent (white) background) updated 2018-04-01see below (5825 symbols, scaled to 100 pixels high - black on transparent (white) background)updated 2018-04-01 see below (5825 symbols, scaled to 78 pixels high - black on transparent (white) background) updated 2018-04-01see below (5825 symbols, scaled to fixed size 100 wide x 78 pixels high - black on transparent (white) background)specially suited for fixed size grids updated 2018-04-01see below (5825 symbols, scaled to 64 pixels high - black on transparent (white) background)updated 2018-04-01 see below (5825 symbols, Windows scalable vector - black on transparent background)updated 2018-04-01see below (5825 symbols, scaled to 188 pixels high - black on white background with grid)updated 2018-04-01see below (5825 symbols, scaled to 96 pixels high - black on white background with grid)updated 2018-04-01see below

Earlier WinBliss file library exports of separate lists (2009-11-29 – 2013-03-30) →


Most recent files (latest with bright red coloured dates)

For look-up
I recommend you to use the PDF printouts of the lexicon. Use the Search/Find option (Ctrl+F)or possibly Advanced Search/Find (Shift+Ctrl+F) – to look for whole or partial gloss words.
For maintenance work
(such as gloss translations) we still need to use the spreadsheet files. But I recommend you to use the spreadsheets without the symbol graphics for editingtogether with a PDF file for look-up and viewing of the Bliss-words/Blissymbols. This is because the spreadsheets with symbol graphics are so heavy for the applications to handle reliably. (The newer versions of Microsoft Excel is far poorer at this than earlier versions.) With the text-only spreadsheets you can use the free LibreOffice/OpenOffice Calc just as well.

BCI-AV_2018-04-16_(en+sv+no+fi+hu+de+nl+af+ru+lv+po+fr+es+pt+it+dk)+derivations.zipZipped Excel/Calc file (1.5 MB) with current English and (more or less complete) Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Russian, Latvian, Polish, French, and Spanish gloss (+ drafts for additional translations – so far for Portuguese, Italian and Danish) – now with derivations. 48 pages A3 PDF printout here (3.5 MB). (updated 2018-0419 and PDF 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2018-04-16_(en+sv+no+fi+hu+de+nl+af+ru+lv+po+fr+es+pt+it+dk)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).zipZipped Excel file (19 MB), as previous with the symbols (with background grid) included in the first column (large size, both LO-Calc and Excel can handle this file, but both shaky). 150 pages PDF A3 printout here (34 MB). (updated 2018-0419 and PDF 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+de+es)+deriv_Bliss-chars.zipZipped Excel file (2 MB), with the currently identified 1153 Bliss-characters only (+ 10 removed indicators) (both LO-Calc and Excel can handle this file OK). 39 pages PDF A3 printout here (4 MB). (updated 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+de+es)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).zipZipped Excel file (19 MB), with symbols, for English, German and Spanish – with cell background colours indicating recent updates. 195 pages PDF A3 printout here (30 MB). (updated 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+sv+no+fi)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).zipZipped Excel file (19 MB), as previous for English, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnishwith cell background colours indicating recent updates. 183 pages PDF A3 printout here (30 MB). (updated 2017-11-02)

Notes from the work with the Bliss-word derivations (as included in the previous and following files) (updated 2017-11-20)

More manageable lexicon PDF printouts for different language combinations:

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+de+ru+lv)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).pdf(183 p. A3, 30 Mb)
lexicon - with derivations and English-German-Russian-Latvian gloss words (use the “Find” option in the PDF reader to find words and Bliss-words) (updated 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+de+nl+af)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).pdf(183 p. A3, 30 Mb)
lexicon - with derivations and English-German-Dutch-Afrikaans gloss words (use the “Find” option in the PDF reader to find words and Bliss-words) (updated 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+de+ru+po)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).pdf(183 p. A3, 30 Mb)
lexicon - with derivations and English-German-Russian-Polish gloss words (use the “Find” option in the PDF reader to find words and Bliss-words) (updated 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+de+fr+es)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).pdf(183 p. A3, 30 Mb)
lexicon - with derivations and English-German-French-Spanish gloss words (use the “Find” option in the PDF reader to find words and Bliss-words) (updated 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+sv+hu+de)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).pdf(183 p. A3, 30 Mb)
lexicon - with derivations and English-Swedish-Hungarian-German gloss words (use the “Find” option in the PDF reader to find words and Bliss-words) (updated 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+sv+de+fr+es)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).pdf(163 p. A3, 30 Mb)
lexicon - with derivations and English-Swedish-German-French-Spanish gloss words (use the “Find” option in the PDF reader to find words and Bliss-words) (updated 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+de+nl+fr+es)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).pdf(163 p. A3, 30 Mb)
lexicon - with derivations and English-German-Dutch-French-Spanish gloss words (use the “Find” option in the PDF reader to find words and Bliss-words) (updated 2017-11-20)

BCI-AV_2017-11-17_(en+hu+de+ru+po)+deriv_symbols_(bg-col).pdf(163 p. A3, 30 Mb)
lexicon - with derivations and English-Swedish-German-French-Spanish gloss words (use the “Find” option in the PDF reader to find words and Bliss-words) (updated 2017-11-20)

Older documentation →

Latest changes/updates 2017-10-21 - 2017-12-03 – 2018-04-01 – 04-19:

Another small update – 2018-04-19: Omission of 3 gloss-word updates in the two main spreadsheets have been corrected in accordance with the WinBliss file and image library exports, i.e.,
need,require-(to) 15702, rub,scrub-(to) 16695, and break,fracture,damage 24852
Note that derived partial spreadsheets and no PDF printouts have yet been corrected. This will be followed-up ASAP.

The slight update - 2018-04-01 – rectifies 15 missed gloss updates in the file names of the export libraries, and 2x2 mixed up BCI-AV numbers in the previous full WinBliss file (it was all correct in the Excel and PDF documents). The correct ones are:
26131 bouquet_(flowers), 26151 cookbook,cookery_book, 13864 dolphin,porpoise,water_mammal_(with_tail), 26169 fear_of_heights,acrophobia, 14635 grape(s), 26190 lifetime,life-time,lifespan, 26192 longsightedness,farsightedness,presbyopia,hyperopia, 26193 longsighted,farsighted,presbyopic,hyperopic, 26209 nearsightedness,shortsightedness,myopia, 26210 nearsighted,shortsighted,myopic, 26220 pinch,pluck,tweeze-(to), 26221 plant-book,dictionary_of_plants, 23627 quill(s),spine(s), 26254 umami, 26255 umami_tasting

The previous 2017-10-21 - 2017-12-03 changes/updates amendment added missed updates of 5 gloss words and file names in the graphic file library exports and the correct inclusion of these in the update documentation below.

The major update of 2017-10-21 - 2017-12-03. In summary it includes:

More details are found in Additions_Updates_BCI-AV_2015-2017.pdf (updated 2017-12-03)


This is a release with added complete gloss language translations for German and Afrikaans, and a complementary update of the Latvian translation. Thanks to Karin Sintring and Stefanie Sachse for the help with the German translation, to Corneli Strydom who started, Louisa Alberts and Kristin Van der Merwe who continued and Ensa Johnson who finalised the Afrikaans translation, and to Erlends Paics who updated and completed the Latvian translation!

The relevant Excel sheets and PDF printouts have been added and updated.

This is a release with updated gloss language translations for Russian (complete) and Latvian (still lacking translations of latest additions 2014-12-05). Thanks to Jekaterina Tumasevica och Laila Ozolina for the Latvian translation, and to Jekaterina Tumasevica and Natalia Belyaevskaya for the Russian, and to Inger Lilja and her friends at Star of Hope for funding support of it all!

There are no additions to the Blissymbol vocabulary in this update. Instead this is a major step for the documentation of the lexicon, plus updates of gloss translations and two updated file export libraries.


This is a major update of the vocabulary, from the previous 5046 to 5588 Bliss characters and words. In brief, the following changes and amendments have been made:

This is a maintenance update with the following significant gloss translation amendments:

Completed and updated Spanish translation – thanks to Agustin Cabral, Margareta Jennische and for the earlier update made by SPSM/BlissOnline!

Also NOTE: Already since the previous update we now have a fairly complete and thoroughly checked French translation (just lacking the latest added around 460 Bliss-words) – thanks to Marianne Malherbe/Bliss Belgique and Mélanie Maradan!

We also have want to point out the even more complete and well checked Dutch translation (just lacking the latest around 100 additions). Thanks to Annemie Van Roy and friends in Belgium!
Completed and updated Norwegian translation – thanks to Torhild Kausrud and Laila Johansen!
Completed and updated Swedish translation – thanks to BDS for help!

and the following updates of the core BCI-AV resource:

Blissymbol/Bliss-word drawing corrections:

beach_tennis_(activity) 12641 corrected from to

roti,chapati,flatbread 16691 corrected from to

Rosh_Hashana 16689 corrected from to

shofar 16960 corrected from to

shorts 16963 corrected from to

slice 22381 corrected from to

slice-(to) 22382 corrected from to

sliced 22383 corrected from to

ashore 23404 corrected from to

The following English gloss updates have been made:
lawn_bowling,bowls 22835 → lawn_bowling,bowls_(sport) 22835
synchronized_diving 22054 → synchronized_diving,synchro_diving_(sport) 22054
diving 22055 → diving_(sport) 22055
synchronized_swimming 22056 → synchronized_swimming_(sport) 22056

(Pending updates of many sports to contain “sport”, either as part of the gloss word or as a “_(sport)” comment, for easily identifying all sports Bliss-words – recommended for all translations.)

The part-of-speech colour code in WinBliss has been corrected from “yellow” to “green” for long_time 24181 as it is a description Bliss-word, and from “red” to “yellow”for salmon 23195 as it is a noun (and not a verb).

This is a maintenance update with the following changes:

Thanks to Kathleen Patton another duplication of a Bliss-word has been discovered and corrected:
wet,damp,moist 18226 and watery 22348 were identical.
watery 22348 has been removed and the gloss for 'watery' has been amended to
wet,damp,moist 18226 → wet,damp,moist,watery 18226 (This has also been updated in all translations in the excel sheets)

We've discovered an incorrectly drawn character in Shevat 16971 and Tu_Bishvat 17788 (the star in birth). This has been corrected in the WinBliss source file and in all the export librries and the updated spreadsheet documentation.
In connection to this the gloss was also updated for Shevat 16971 → Shevat,Shvat 16971

The following additional gloss updates have been made:

active 12336 → active,actively 12336

evegreen_tree 14116 → evegreen_tree,spruce,fir,fir_tree 14116

alphabet,letters_(1) 12366 → alphabet,letters_(lowercase) 12366

alphabet,letters_(2) 25011 → alphabet,letters_(uppercase) 25011

boss,supervisor_(2) 12878 → boss,supervisor_(OLD) 12878

boss,supervisor_(1) 24849 → boss,supervisor 24849

central_nervous_system 21585 → central_nervous_system,CNS 21585

A number of updates of the the Swedish and Norwegian gloss translations have also been made. These and the above changes are indicated by background colour highlighting in the documentation spreadsheets.

2013-03-30 – 04-03 – 04-09:
… and one single amendment update of the gloss for fruit_juice 14406 → fruit_juice,juice 14406 in all relevant resources, plus the addition of a PDF printout of the English-Dutch-Swedish spreadsheet.

and in addition to below, a correction of a missing update in the main WinBliss file (of host 21367 → Host,wafer_(in_religious_ceremony) 21367). Thanks to Seppo Virta for noticing!

This update brings the amendments of 80 new Bliss-words and a number of gloss updates for older ones decided at the Pittsburgh panel meeting 2012. In connection to this 8 more related Bliss-words have been added. The collected vocabulary now adds up to 5047 Bliss-words. See the added Pittsburgh and updated full vocabulary files above, and the following notes for further details.

One symbol drawing error has been corrected in lose_(fail_to_win)-(to) 23897 (too short line in the minus character – thanks to Sophia Kalman!)

The following 8 new Bliss-words have been added (Thanks for suggestions from Seppo Virta!):
destroyed,ruined,demolished,deleted,erased,cancelled 24968
artillery 25418
German_(class) 25419
Romanian_(class) 25420
Romanian_(language) 25421
armoured_force,tank_force 25422
Thai_(class) 25423
Thai_(language) 25424

The following gloss changes of previously existing Blissymbols have been made to improve lexical look-up in software implementations, and/or as a consequence of new Bliss-words or gloss amendments since Pittsburgh:
bowel,intestine 12883 →
bowel,intestine_(OLD) 12883
evening_of_Sabbath,Sabbath_eve 14113 →
evening_before_holiday,evening_of_Sabbath 14113
police_force 14146 →
police_force,police 14146
let_us 15197 →
let_us,let’s 15197
lie_down-(to) 15205 →
lie_down,lie-(to) 15205
Monday 15483 →
Monday_(OLD) 15483, Tuesday 17790 → Tuesday_(OLD) 17790,
Wednesday 18216 →
Wednesday_(OLD) 18216, Thursday 17728 → Thursday_(OLD) 17728,
Friday 14400 →
Friday_(OLD) 14400, Saturday 16722 → Saturday_(OLD) 16722,
17464 → Sunday_(OLD) 17464
Note: The above change in the gloss of the previous Bliss-words for weekdays is an effect of the new weekday Bliss-words added in Pittsburgh, allowing three alternative naming schemes according to local culture, but all related (via a second number index) to the common ISO 8601 weekday numbering convention with Monday as day 1 of the week.
not,negative,no 15733 →
not,negative,no,don't,doesn't 15733
opposite_meaning,opposite_of 15927 →
opposite_meaning,opposite_of,opposite 15927
person,human_being,individual 16161 →
person,human_being,individual,human 16161
stomach 17265 →
stomach,abdomen,belly 17265
trunk 17783 → ,
trunk,tree_trunk,bole 17783
host 21367 →
Host,wafer_(in_religious_ceremony) 21367
vegetables 23710 →
vegetable(s) 23710
organ_(body) 24202 →
organ_(body)_(OLD) 24202
mind-altering_drug 24488 →
drug,mind-altering_drug 24488
boot,trunk,roof_box 24613 →
boot,trunk,roof_box,luggage_compartment 24613
alcohol,etanol →
alcohol,ethanol 25010 (spelling correction)

Happy to announce the addition of a quite complete and thoroughly updated Hungarian translation, thanks to the fantastic work of Sophia Kalman, many thanks for this!
This is otherwise an update with 3 added Bliss-words and 3 gloss updates related to the previous vocabulary, and with 8 added bliss-words and several gloss updates related to the Oslo amendment:
Added new Bliss-words:
hunt,hunting 24965 (noun form of hunt-(to) 23537)
church_ruin,temple_ruin,wreck,wreckage_(church,temple,mosque) 24966
army,regular_army,ground_forces 24967 (military + ground) Note: Takes over the meaning of previous army 12579, which is changed to military,armed_forces,armed_services 12579 (see below).

Amendments to the recent Oslo list – new Bliss-words:
sitting_mat 25410
frequency 25411
sleepless 25412
quarrel,row 25413
Germany 25414 (first examples of new approach to refer to countries by (land + ISO country codes)
German_(language) 25415
Thailand 25416
Romania 25417
… and the following gloss updates in the Oslo list:
electrical_inslulator 25291 electric_insulator,electrical_insulator 25291
frequency 25310 →
frequency_(wave_motion) 25310 ---Note: also symbol update, changed order of characters!
impermeable_material 25326 →
impermeable_material,insulation_(material) 25326
orienteering,map_reading 25352 →
map_reading 25352
tail_wing 25383 →
tail_wing_(airplane) 25383
whipping_(with_rope) 25393 →
whipping_knot 25393
… and three
other minor gloss updates:
airforce 25250 →
airforce,air_force 25250
Arabic 25260 →
Arabic_(language) 25260 (in consequence with other languages)
chiropodist 21596 →
podiatrist,chiropodist 21596 (as chiropodist is less widely used today)
Rationale for the above mentioned change of
army 12579 military,armed_forces,armed_services 12579:
There was a lack of the basic concept for
military,armed_forces , and an inconsistency in building navy 15696 and airforce,air_force 25250 on the concept of “army”. So the general bliss-word for military has been re-assigned to mean just that – military,armed_forces,armed_servicesand the new bliss-word (military + ground) has been added to cover the concept of army,regular_army,ground_forces in harmony with navy and airforce.

2012-11-28 – 2012-12-10 – 2012-12-20:
Thanks to Annemie Van Roy and friends in Belgium, we now have updated and checked Dutch gloss for the first and major part of the vocabulary (until Furuboda 2002). Just a few question marks remain in that part, and then the completion of the remaining newer vocabulary. In connection to this new entry, a few (8) incorrectly sized symbol images have been spotted and corrected in the spreadsheet files containing symbols. (This is essential if you try to re-sort these files, as the eight symbol files then disappeared.)
The spreadsheet (and PDF) documentation files also contain some additional Norwegian and Swedish gloss updates.

Thanks to Clare Fenwick at Sensory Software an incorrect link to an older WMF file library has been discovered and updated. The current link ( is now linking to the correct library of 2012-09-22. Note that the default size/height of the WMF files is now 344 (before 306).
In connection to this Clare has also pointed us to another inconsistency between the documentation and the symbol resources – both WinBliss source files and the exported file libraries – for the Bliss-word BCI-AV # 13427; named “couple_(cohabiting)”
in the symbol resources, but listed as family,couple in the spreadsheet documentation files. This was a decided gloss update (for consistency with other family Bliss-words) since early 2012 that was never transferred into the actual symbol gloss – until now.
Additionally, a mistake in the gloss of BCI-AV # 15943 has been corrected (an extra “exit” removed, i.e.:
out_of,exit_(forward),exit 15943 →
out_of,exit_(forward) 15943

An extra amendment: The excel spreadsheet with symbols (just above this section) has finally been updated to the current version. Many thanks to Mélanie Maradan. Note that this version, unlike the previous two, can be re-sorted with the symbols aligning correctly in the new sorting order. This is due to an adjustment in the row height. Thanks to Sophia Kalman for giving us the tip!! … … and two additional files (above) based on this one, added September 25.
The documentation for the Stockholm amendments 2009 has also been updated – thanks to Ingrid MM!

This is an update removing found incorrect Space characters and some other format errors in the gloss/file names. One gloss amendment has been made for clarification. All changes effect the complete WinBliss file and the complete file libraries. All but one are related to the Oslo files. A few also effect the two main Excel vocabulary files. The affected entries are:
for_(the purpose of),in_order_to 14382 → for_(the_purpose_of),in_order_to 14382
Finnish_class 25299 → Finnish_(class) 25299
fire_place 25302 → fire_place,campfire_site 25302
front,front_of_a_ thing 25311 → front,front_of_a_thing 25311
gas_cylinder 25315 → gas_cylinder 25315
hiking 25321 → hiking 25321
make_and_ tend_ a_fire- (to) 25341 → make_and_tend_a_fire-(to) 25341
medication_for_ breathing 25342 → medication_for_breathing 25342
memory_ game,Kims's_ game 25343 → memory_game,Kim's_game 25343
national 25344 → national 25344
national_day 25345 → national_day 25345
navigate_airplane- (to) 25346 → navigate_airplane-(to) 25346
orienteer-(to)_ (sport) 25349 → orienteer_(sport)-(to) 25349
orienteer-(to),read_map-(to) 25350 → orienteer,read_map-(to) 25350
PEP_mask 25354 → PEP_mask 25354
social_ network,facebook_(etc) 25375 → social_network,facebook_(etc) 25375
wreck,wreckage_ (airplane) 25399 → wreck,wreckage_(airplane) 25399
wreck,wreckage_ (boat) 25400 → wreck,wreckage_(boat) 25400

Three colour code corrections in the spread sheet files were made for:
cost-(to) 24842, expose_oneself_indecently-(to) 24843, and finished,complete,completed 24844

Since the previous partial update the following problems have been discovered and corrected (Thanks to Seppo Virta!):
4 gloss amendments from Oslo had resulted in symbol duplications, and thus the following new Oslo additions have been removed again:
difference 25284 (same as different,other,difference 13675)
equality 25294 (same as same,equal,equality 16713)
press,pressing 25361 (same as bump 24422)
wreck,wreckage_(building) 25403 (same as ruin 23641)
Subsequently, the three following gloss updates:
ruin 23641 → ruin,wreck,wreckage_(building) 23641
bump 24422 → bump,press,pressing 24422
bump-(to) 24423 → bump,press-(to) 24423

Since the first Oslo release the following 2 English gloss changes have been made:
fiancé 25296 → fiance,groom-to-be 25296
fiancée 25297 → fiancee,bride-to-be 25297 (both to ensure safe file names, and as a complement)
A spelling error of electrical_insulator 25291 (in the spreadsheets) has been found and corrected.

A number of spelling errors in the Swedish gloss and two pairs of mixed up gloss for Swedish and Norwegian have been found – thanks to Kerstin Kanebrant in her work with the Bliss resources for Widgit software. They are as follows. Mixed up gloss in Swedish and Norwegian for:
22309 smaktillsats (pulverform) → smaktillsats (flytande) - (smakstilsetning (flytende) for Norw.)
22310 smaktillsats (flytande) → smaktillsats (pulverform) - (smakstilsetning (pulverform) for Norw.)
22321 örtkrydda → örtkrydda (pulverform) - (urtekrydder (pulverform) for Norw.)
22322 örtkrydda (pulverform) → örtkrydda - (urtekrydder (pulverform) for Norw.)

Spelling corrections for the following Swedish gloss:
13681 dinosaurie, 15462 använda mikrovågsugn, 15985 jordnötssmör, 21579 habiliteringsläkare,
23150 metall (stång, tacka), 23163 envåningshus, 23253 skrivning (skolämne), 23686 tandfe,
and 25038 brottslighet.

The Swedish gloss for 23425 buddhist has been changed from ”buddhistisk, buddhist” to ”buddhistisk

Two corrections of the Polish translation to avoid the irregular arrow character and in accordance to the gloss in the other languages:
transwestyta (mężczyzna → kobieta) 17771 →
transwestyta (mężczyzna) 17771
transwestyta (kobieta → mężczyzna) 17770 →
transwestyta (kobieta) 17770

The two main vocabulary spreadsheet documents, the WinBliss files, and all file export libraries should now be updated.

The Oslo vocabulary amendments are now added – so far as a separate WinBliss file, and included in the complete BCI-AV file. Two separate documentation graphic file library exports for the Oslo vocabulary are available (above). The two main spreadsheet files have also been updated with the Oslo amendments. (BCI-AV_2012-07-12_(en+sv+no+dk+fi+es+fr+nl+de+po+ru).zip and
BCI-AV_2012-07-12_(en+sv+no+dk+fi+es+fr+nl+de+po+ru).zip - in the above section)
These updates also include the 5 following changes in the previous vocabulary decided in Oslo.
Three gloss updates:
different,another,other,difference 13675 → different,other,difference 13675
necessary,necessarily 15698 → necessary,necessarily,needed 15698
strap,string,velcro,rope 17276 → strap,string,velcro,rope,cord 17276
Two symbol updates:
overspend,buy_over_budget-(to) 24707 and blissymbol_part 12858 were incorrectly drawn and have been changed as follows:

So far only the two complete documentation file library exports have been updated (please see the dates in red). Updates of the other complete file library exports will follow asap, but possibly not until after the next BCI Panel meeting and ISAAC in Pittsburgh, i.e. beginning of August.

Thanks to Fredd Rae at Widgit, the following gloss typos (for other languages than English and Swedish, and related to parentheses) have been detected and corrected, together with one update of English gloss and filename, together with Swedish gloss:
take-off,airplane_take-off 17499 → takeoff,take-off,airplane_take-off 17499
start 17499 →
start (flyg) 17499
flyavgang, take off) 17499 → flyavgang, take off 17499
sjokoladedrikk OLD)
13172sjokoladedrikk (OLD) 13172
kattunge OLD) 15156 → kattunge (OLD) 15156
sari India) 16720 →
sari (India) 16720
kebab (Midt Østen 23889 →
kebab (Midt Østen) 23889
hän mies), hän (mask.) 14687 →
hän (mies), hän (mask.) 14687
he (miehiä, he (mask.), heitä 17715 →
he (miehiä), he (mask.), heitä 17715
segundo (ordinal 16744 →
segundo (ordinal) 16744
hamentasz (ciasteczka hebr)) 14665 → hamentasz (ciasteczka hebr) 14665
transwestyta (mężczyzna → kobieta)) 17771 →
transwestyta (mężczyzna → kobieta) 17771

A minor update of the English gloss of 4 Bliss-words, plus some 27 updates of the Swedish gloss translation to ensure a correct and unique gloss representation:
overlay_keyboard 23601→ overlay_keyboard,membrane_keyboard 23601
   Swedish gloss: styrplatta 23601 → styrplatta, membrantangentbord 23601
touchpad 23688 →
touchpad,trackpad 23688
   Swedish gloss: styrplatta 23688 →
styrplatta (pekdon) 23688
ping-pong,table_tennis 16183 →
table_tennis,ping-pong_(activity) 16183
table_tennis 20603 →
table_tennis,ping-pong_(sport) 20603

and additional Swedish gloss updates for:
ko/tjur, nötboskap 12379 →
ko, tjur, nötboskap 12379
strandtennis 12641 →
strandtennis (aktivitet) 12641
Strandtennis 20604 →
strandtennis (sport) 20604
koka 12871 →
koka (mat) 12871
koka 12872 →
koka (vätska) 12872
tak 13139 →
tak, innertak 13139
mängd, grupp av, mycket/många 14647 →
mängd, grupp av, mycket, många 14647
tak 16686 →
tak, yttertak 16686
idrottsplats, idrottsplan 13428 →
idrottsplats, idrottsplan (FD) 13428
idrottsplats, idrottsplan 22840
förlåtelse, ursäkt 14122
förlåtelse, ursäkt 21293 →
förlåtelse 21293
strykjärn 14955
strykjärn 23122 →
järn 23122
sticka 15160 →
sticka (kläder) 15160
sticka 16432 →
sticka, sticka hål, punktera
mars 15423
Mars 24479 →
Mars (planet) 24479
min, mitt, mina 15686
min, mitt, mina 15687 →
min, mitt, mina (fem.) 15687
min, mitt, mina 15688 →
min, mitt, mina (mask.) 15688
gammal 15916 →
gammal, äldre (motsats ung) 15916
gammal 23910
davidsstjärnan 17251 →
davidsstjärna 17251
Davidsstjärnan 20515 →
Davidsstjärna (konkret) 20515
Frej 22818 →
Frej, Frö 22818
Frej 22819 →
Freja, Fröja 22819
blomsterälva/alv 23510 →
blomsterälva, blomsteralv 23510
… and removal of incorrect spaces in:
operator (handling),  infinitiv 8993 →
operator (handling), infinitiv 8993
operator (värdering),  adjektiv 8998 →
operator (värdering), adjektiv 8998
sammandragning, värk (i  livmodern) 13405 →
sammandragning, värk (i livmodern) 13405
uppsägning,  avgång (från arbete) (1) 25152 →
uppsägning, avgång (från arbete) (1) 25152
uppsägning,  avgång (från arbete) (2) 25153: →
uppsägning, avgång (från arbete) (2) 25153
… and finally, removal of incorrect underscore in:
äventyr_(FD) 24601 →
äventyr (FD) 24601

A very minor update of the Swedish gloss for three bliss-words:
first,primary 14187 - första → första, först
last,final 15173 - sista → sista, sist
like-(to) 15210 - tycka om → tycka om, gilla
(The two main spreadsheet files are updated since 2012-06-10)

The following updates have been done to the English gloss to correct inconsistencies between the spreadsheet files and the WinBliss file and graphic file exports:
The gloss update to move, movement 25119 now updated in the Excel files – likewise:
court 13428 → court,field_(OLD) 13428 updated in the Excel files
earphones 13899 → earphones,headphones 13899 updated in the Excel files
cost 13417 → cost,price 13417 updated in the Excel files
worn-out,jaded 25221 → worn-out,raddled 25221 updated in WinBliss and graphic file exports
The duplicate technician 25188 had not been removed from the WinBliss file – now done

The following updates of English and Swedish gloss to avoid irrelevant hits in automatic word-to-symbol lookups:
man,male_(with_penis) 15417 → male_genitals_(man_with_penis) 15417
    Swedish: man, farbror (med penis) → manligt könsorgan (man med penis)
need,person_(needy) 15701 → need_(needy_person) 15701
    Swedish: person (behövande), behov → behov (behövande person)
person_(kneeling) 16162 → kneeling_(kneeling_person) 16162
    Swedish: person (på knä) → knäböjande (person på knä)
person_(lying_down) 16163 → reclining,lying_(person_lying_down) 16163
    Swedish: person (liggande) → liggande (liggande person)
illness,disease,sickness,person_(sick) 16164 → illness,disease,sickness_(sick_person) 16164
    Swedish: person (sjuk) → sjukdom (sjuk person)
seat,person_(sitting) 16165 → seat,sitting_(sitting_person) 16165
    Swedish: sits, säte, person (sittande) → sits, säte (sittande person)
person_(standing) 16166 → standing_(standing_person) 16166
    Swedish: person (stående) → stående (stående person)
weakness,person_(weak) 16167 → weakness_(weak_person) 16167
    Swedish: person (svag), svaghet → svaghet (svag person)
self,oneself,person_(self),ego 16752 → self,oneself,ego_(person) 16752
    Swedish: själv → själv, ego
stranger,unknown_person 24762 → stranger,unknown_(person) 24762
    Swedish: främling, okänd person → främling, okänd (person)

Gloss amendment for:
rotation,circulation,orbit 24249 → rotation,circulation,orbit,lap,circle,round 24249
    Swedish: rotation, cirkulation, omloppsbana, runda, varv

Swedish gloss updates:
boy,lad 12888: pojke → pojke, pojk, kille, grabb
girl 14439: flicka → flicka, tjej, tös
man,male 15416: man, farbror → man, karl, gubbe, farbror

Minor update of Swedish gloss translations for:
peace,peace_of_mind,serenity 15981: frid, ro frid, ro, lugn
15982: fridfull, ifredlugn, fridfull
16690: gå runt, omge, cirkulera, kretsa kring
                                                                         → rotera, cirkulera, snurra, kretsa kring, vrida, veva
23919: delaktighetdelaktighet, gemenskap
24011: annanannan, annat

… AND (for consistency) a very minimal update of the gloss for
purple,violet_(BCI) 16436 → purple,violet_(bci) 16436 and
purple,violet_(CKB) 18014 → purple,violet_(ckb) 18014 (i.e. an upper to lower case change)

Thanks to Seppo Virta we have been alerted about another two symbol duplications coming with the recent Stockholm amendment. This has resulted in the following changes:
The two new Bliss-words technician 25188 and hijack 25080 have been removed from the Stockholm and complete BCI-AV resources.
As technician 25188 was identical with mechanic 23587, the gloss for the latter has been updated – see below. As hijack 25080 was identical with coup 25034, the gloss for the latter has been updated, along with the following other gloss updates:
mechanic 23587 → mechanic,technician 23587
coup 25034 → coup,hijack,takeover 25034
hijack-(to) 25081 → hijack,make_a_coup-(to) 25081
hijacker 25082 → hijacker,coup_maker 25082

Since yesterday an embarrassing error has been found and corrected in the spreadsheet files above: The English gloss for box,cube 12886 and boxing_(activity) 12887 had been mixed up. The error appeared early this year and does not seem to have been propagating further. Please replace your BCI-AV spreadsheet files immediately if you've already downloaded the earlier version.

Another additional note: The previous WMF file exports have been proportionally distorted. This latest one should be correct. However, be aware that when exporting files from WinBliss in WMF format, the outcome is depending on the current screen resolution settings of the computer. The modern wide-screen formats and settings of displays seem to result in distorted proportions. This may be handled by temporarily changing the screen resolution settings to an older one (this export in 1152x864). If you are a WinBliss user, please be aware of this, if you need to export blissymbols in the WMF file format.

This is a major update with number of corrections, including removal of some more found duplicates, a few symbol drawing corrections, some gloss changes etc. Thanks to Ingrid and Lovisa and others!
The main thing is that the Stockholm panel vocabulary of 218 new Bliss words has now been added (provided separately and included in the main WinBliss files, file exports and spreadsheet documentation). A few other bliss-words, based on existing ones, have also been added. A small number of additional duplicate symbols have been found and removed, and some gloss have been renamed. The total authorized vocabulary is now adding up to 4796.
Finally we have substantially revised and updated Swedish and Norwegian gloss translations in the vocabulary spreadsheets, thanks to our Swedish and Norwegian panel members.

The changes and corrections can be summarized as follows:

Removed duplicate Bliss-words:
involvement 24174 has been removed. It was a duplication of participation,involvement 23919
harmonious 24907 has been removed. It was a duplicate of agreed,in_agreement 24808
agreed,in_agreement 24808 → agreed,in_agreement, harmonious 24808

Added Bliss-characters/Bliss-words:
24963 (descriptive form of port_(boat) 24712)
astarboard 24964 (descriptive form of starboard 24760)

Symbol corrections:
participation,involvement 23919 – kerning correction
solar_eclipse 24755 – correction of faulty spacing

Gloss modifications:
city 13351 → town,city_(small) 13351
diaphragm 13671 → diaphragm_(contraceptive),pessary 13671 (diaphragm,midriff 25046 -Stockholm)
football,soccer 14380 → football,soccer_(activity) 14380
swing,swinging 17485 → swing 17485 (incorrect change in June 2011 has been reversed)
what_thing-(question) 18231 → what_(thing)-(question) 18231
soccer,football 20583 → football,soccer_(sport) 20583
metropolis 23151 → city,metropolis 23151
adventure 24601 → adventure_(OLD) 24601 (in connection to new adventure 25006 from Stockholm)
expose_oneself_indecently_(to) 24843 → expose_oneself_indecently-(to) 24843

A minor update to include two Blissymbol characters that have existed since many years in the BCI Fundamental Rules document (pages 15-16 – ), but which have not until now been included in the BCI-AV lexicon resources. Thanks to Shirley McNaughton for spotting this! They have now been added to relevant resources above as:
“slang” (BCI-AV # 24961) and “coarse slang” (BCI-AV # 24962)

The major updates this time are all concerning the spreadsheets (Excel file format) found just above this section:

Two new file export libraries have been added – last in the list under “WinBliss file library exports of joined list ...” above, under the link names:” and “”.
The symbols have been exported with the positioning background grid included, and are suitable for documentation and educational purposes etc.

This is a since long pending major update of the authorised vocabulary (BCI-AV) that has been performed in cooperation between Mats Lundälv and Britt Amberntson and the BDS (Blissymbol Development Secretariat of BCI), SPSM/BlissOnline (Lovisa Jacobsson and Stefan Przetak), Mélanie Maradan and Marianne Malherbe and others – thanks to all.
It includes the removal of 18 found duplicate Bliss-characters/Bliss-words and including some 10 gloss updates of the kept originals, the addition of 80 Bliss-characters and Bliss-words existing since before, but not as independent entries, corrections of minor errors in 77 Bliss-words or characters, and finally 136 gloss updates. In some more detail:

18 removed Bliss-characters and Bliss-words – and BCI-AV numbers – due to discovered duplication of symbols:

male_(gender) 15415 removed. - identical with: activity,action,act,deed 12335
activity,action,act,deed 12335 changed to: activity,action,act,deed,male_gender_(in_combinations) 12335

white_(ckb) 18243 removed - identical with: yellow_(bci) 18291

bless-(to) 21052 removed - identical with: comfort,console-(to) 13385

police_force 21114 removed - identical with: family_(group) 14146 - which has been updated to: police_force 14146

racquet_sports 21802 removed - identical with: tennis_(sport) 20602
tennis_(sport) 20602 – updated to: tennis,racquet_sports 20602

seat,person_(sitting) 22838 removed - identical with: person_(sitting) 16165
person_(sitting) 16165 – updated to: seat,person_(sitting) 16165

badness 22902 removed - identical with: dislike 13691

prosecute-(to) 23174 removed - identical with: accuse_(legal),charge,prosecute-(to) 23004

prosecution 23175 removed - identical with: accusation_(legal),charge,prosecution 23002

clam 23442 removed - identical with: oyster,clam 15952

religion_(science_of),theology 23633 removed - identical with: religion_(study_of) 23190
religion_(study_of) 23190 – updated to: religion_(science_of),theology 23190

care 24045 removed - identical with: defence 23056
defence 23056 updated to: care,protection,defence 23056

care-(to) 24046 removed - identical with: defend-(to) 2305
defend-(to) 23059 updated to: care,protect,defend-(to) 23059

solidarity 24271 removed - identical with: fidelity,loyalty 14172
fidelity,loyalty 14172 updated to: fidelity,loyalty,solidarity 14172

town_district 24313 removed - identical with: district,neighbourhood_(town) 23848
district,neighbourhood_(town) 23848 updated to: district,city_district,neighbourhood_(town) 23848

needy 24490 removed - identical with: necessary,necessarily 15698
NOTE: This gloss and definition for necessary,necessarily 15698 should be revised by the Panel !!

bedpan,chamber_pot 24609 removed - identical with: bladder 12853
potty 24717 updated to: potty,chamber_pot,bedpan 24717

stop,platform_(vehicle) 24858 removed - identical with: stop_(vehicle) 24290
stop_(vehicle) 24290 updated to: stop,platform_(vehicle) 24290

(Pending removal: overspend,buy_over_budget-(to) 24707 (to be replaced by a new one – Oslo 2011) !)

80 added Bliss-characters and Bliss-words – derived from previously existing ones – usually added base characters and noun forms:

35 of these - marked with yellow - are Bliss-characters that haven't had a separate representation and BCI-AV number before. Most of them – all but half,one-half 24906 and quarter,one_quarter 24932 - are part of Bliss-words in combination with other Bliss-charaters, indicators etc..

advocacy 24871
advocacy,representation_(legal) 24872
band,orchestra 24873
be_named,be_called-(to) 24874
bigness,largeness 24875
board_and_lodging,room_and_board 24876
build,construct-(to) 24877
clearness,clarity,transparency,transparence 24878
comparative_more 24879
consideration,thoughtfulness 24880
continuance,continuation 24881
crown_(currency) 24882
deletion,cancellation,destruction 24883
difficulty 24884
disgust 24885
disgusting_(general) 24886
dispersion,dissemination,scattering,spread,spreading 24887
divided 24888
earmuffs_(general) 24889
ease,easiness,simplicity 24890
emptying,voidance,evacuation 24891
eternity,infinity 24892
experiment 24893
fall,drop,spill,tumble 24894
fantasy,phantasy,imagination,illusion 24895
farness,remoteness,farawayness 24896
filling,fill,fullness 24897
fixing,fix,mending,mend,repair,reparation 24898
forgetting,amnesia 24899
fountain 24900
gallop 24901
geographer 24902
giving,gift 24903
grid,matrix 24904
growth,growing 24905
half,one-half 24906
harmonious 24907 (duplicate that was later removed – see above)
hate,hatred 24908
height,tallness 24909
heterosexual 24910
hitchrack,hitching_bar 24911
holding 24912
importance,significance 24913
indoor,indoors 24914
infiniteness,boundlessness,limitlessness 24915
interest 24916
littleness,smallness 24917
lowness,shortness_(height) 24918
malodor,malodour,stench 24919
medicine,medical_practice 24920
next_month 24921
noise_(loud) 24922
oere_(currency) 24923
oval,elliptic,elliptical 24924
ownership,possession 24925
permission,allowance 24926
persuasion 24927
physicist 24928
preparation,readying,readiness,preparedness 24929
promise 24930
protected,sheltered 24931
quarter,one_quarter 24932
reading 24933
repetition,copying,duplication,replication 24934
research-(to) 24935
riding,horseback_riding 24936
selfishness,egoism 24937
shortness_(distance,length) 24938
sport_(class) 24939
spray,vaporization 24940
strength 24941
stress 24942
stress-(to) 24943
superlative_most 24944
supernatural 24945
sweetness,sweet 24946
swimming,swim 24947
this_month 24948
wakefulness,alertness 24949
vomiting,vomit,puking 24950

77 corrections of Blissymbols – incorrectly drawn, kerning adjustments etc:

advice,counsel,recommendation 12345 – kerning done
advise,counsel,recommend-(to) 12346 – kerning dome
artificial_respiration 12584 – kerning done
give_artificial_respiration,resuscitate,revive-(to) 12585 – kerning done
beach_tennis_(activity) 12641 – kerning error corrected
clean-(to) 13357 – unnecessary comma removed
cloudy 13368 – corrected vertical position of indicator
cookie,biscuit 13409 – faulty Bliss-character spacing (in 'disk') corrected
counsellor,adviser 13421 – kerning done
deep-fry-(to) 13653 – faulty food character corrected
draw,sketch-(to) 13873 – faulty horizontal placement of indicator corrected
duck_(food) 13889 – faulty spacing corrected
Elul 13925 – faulty drawing of trumpet corrected
erection,erect_penis 13944 – removed pointer, unnecessary and inconsequent in relation to combin.
ever,whenever 14115 – faulty indicator placement corrected
favourite 14158 – faulty spacing, and removal of after-fact dot from indicator
flea 14199 – correction of character spacing
floor_covering,linoleum 14203 – faulty vertical position of pointer corrected
frustrated 14408, frustrated 14408, frustration 14410 – all three kerned
goal 14450 – faulty vertical position of *ball' corrected
gym_mat 14657 – faulty vertical position of pointer corrected
heterosexuality 14709 – kerning done
once 15919 – added missing description indicator, and kerning
pants,jeans,slacks,trousers 15961 – pointer shifted to the right-hand side pointing to the left
parakeet,budgie 15963 – kerning done
parrot,myna,talking_bird 15970 – kerning done
preceding_(OLD) 16239 – faulty spacing between 1 and period in 'first'
purple,violet_(BCI) 16436 – faulty length of 'sky' corrected
rhinoceros 16501 – faulty drawing of the 'horn' corrected
rug,carpet,mat 16696 – faulty vertical position of pointer corrected
ski_boot 16999 – faulty spacing corrected – gloss updated to ski_boot(s)
17013 – faulty position of pointer corrected
snack_(food) 17187 – exchange of faulty comma to a correct one
snowstorm 17198 – updated to the correct 'storm' with much, much wind
songbird,finch,thrush 17211 – kerning done

136 gloss updates:

indicator_(description_after_the_fact) 8996 → indicator_(description_after_fact) 8996
indicator_(description_before_the_fact) 8997 → indicator_(description_before_fact) 8997
action 12334 → action,act,deed 12334
activity,action,act,deed12335 → activity,male_gender_(in_combinations) 12335
band,orchestra 12624 → band,orchestra_(OLD) 12624
birth_(ckb) 12843 → birth 12843
brace,calliper,splint 12890 → medical_aid 12890
camper 13113 → camper,caravan,mobile_home 13113
cast 13129 → cast_(medical) 13129
cavity 13138 → cavity,caries 13138
cross 13613 → cross,Christianity_(in_combinations) 13613
date_(heterosexual) 13635 → date_(man_woman) 13635
different,another,other 13675 → different,another,other,difference 13675
dislike,hate-(to) 13692 → dislike-(to) 13692
earmuffs 13897 → earmuffs_(protection) 13897
earth_(planet) 13900 → earth,globe,world 13900
family_(group) 14146 → police_force 14146 (NOTE: in connection to removed duplication)
fasten,attach,join,append-(to) 14154 → fasten,attach,join,append,connect-(to) 14154
few,little 14171 → few,little_(OLD) 14171
fidelity,loyalty 14172 → fidelity,loyalty,solidarity 14172
Independence_Day 14937 → Independence_Day_(Israel) 14937
interesting 14948 → interesting,interested 14948 (NOTE: suggested split!)
knowledge,class_(with_spec.) 15162 → knowledge,class_(in_combinations) 15162
length 15193 → length,longness 15193
make-believe,pretend 15411 → make-believe,pretend,imaginary 15411
measurement_(1) 15443 → measurement,measure 15443 - (sv: mått,mätning ?)
mistake,error 15479 → mistake,error,fault 15479
onion,vegetable_(bulb) 15920 → bulb_(plant) 15920 (See also: onion,vegetable_(bulb) 18006)
other,other_person,person_(other) 15938 → other,other_person 15938 → other,another_(person) 15938
oval 15946 → oval,ellipse 15946
paper,card,document,page,written_record 15962 → paper,card,page 15962
(Also see: document,written_record 23479)
pay-(to) 15979 → pay,spend-(to) 15979
person_(sitting) 16165 → seat,person_(sitting) 16165 (Note: Removed duplicate: seat 22838)
radio 16453 → radio_(1) 16453
river 16677 → river,stream,current 16677
same,equal 16713 → same,equal,equality 16713
see,look-(to) 16747 → see,look,watch-(to) 16747
self-abuse 16753 → self-destruction,self-abuse 16753 → self-harm 16753
sibling 16972 → sibling(s) 16972
ski_boot 16999 → ski_boot(s) 16999
spread 17238 → spread,paste 17238
spread-(to) 17239 → spread_(cover_with_spread)-(to) 17239
strap,string,velcro 17276 → strap,string,velcro,rope 17276
structure 17445 → structure,construction 17445
swing 17485 → swing,swinging 17485
switch,handle_(1) 17487 → handle 17487
bulb_(vegetable) 18006 → onion,vegetable_(bulb) 18006 (See: bulb_(plant) 15920!)
white_(bci) 18242 → white 18242 (in connection to removal of duplicate; white_(ckb) 18243)
wings 18259 → wing(s) 18259
tennis_(sport) 20602 → tennis,racquet_sports 20602 (and removal of duplicate racquet_sports 21802)
supernatural 21036 → supernatural-(noun) 21036 (and proper descriptive supernatural 24945 added)
disperse,disseminate,scatter-(to) 21058 → disperse,disseminate,scatter,spread-(to) 21058
missal,prayer_book 21075 → missal,liturgical_book 21075
Holy_infant 21086 → Holy_Infant 21086
Holy_city 21088 → Holy_City 21088
unforgiven 21294 → unforgivable,inexcusable 21294
mysterious 21298 → mysterious,unknown 21298
scientist,academician 21559 → scientist,academic 21559
mathematician 21573 → mathematician_(academic) 21573
scooter,autoped 21811 → scooter 21811
scooter,prone_board 21813 → prone_board,scooter-board 21813
swimming 22053 → swimming_(sport) 22053
water_cycle 22088 → paddle_boat,pedal_boat,water_bike,pedalo 22088
balloon,basket 22107 → balloon_(hot_air) 22107
indoor 22116 → indoor_(character) 22116 (and indoor,indoors 24914 added)
outdoor 22117 → outdoor,outdoors 22117 (and description indicator added)
boiled_egg 22137 → egg_(boiled),boiled_egg 22137
fried_egg 22138 → egg_(fried),fried_egg 22138
omelette 22139 → omelette,omelet 22139
poached_egg 22141 → egg_(poached),poached_egg 22141
meat_(frozen) 22355 → meat_(frozen),frozen_meat 22355
lump 22362 → lump(s) 22362
spring_water 22631 → spring_(water) 22631
self-abusive 22916 → self-destructive,self-abusive 22916 → self-harming 22916
accusation_(legal),charge 23002 → accusation_(legal),charge,prosecution 23002
accuse_(legal),charge-(to) 23004 → accuse_(legal),charge,prosecute-(to) 23004
act_in_favour_of-(to) 23005 → act,demonstrate_(in_favour_of)-(to) 23005
action_in_favour_of 23007 → action,demonstration_(in_favour_of) 23007
defence 23056 → care,protection,defence 23056
defend-(to) 23059 → care,protect,defend-(to) 23059
defender 23063 → caregiver,protector,defender 23063
demonstrate_(against)-(to) 23065 → act,demonstrate_(against)-(to) 23065
demonstration_(against) 23066 → action,demonstration_(against) 23066
judgement,law_(as_classifier) 23127 → judgement,law_(in_combinations) 23127
legal_person_(with_spec.) 23140 → legal_person_(in_combinations) 23140
math_(class_or_subject) 23148 → math,mathematics_(class)_(1) 23148
religion_(study_of) 23190 → religion_(science_of),theology 23190
school_(with_spec.) 23198 → school_(in_combinations) 23198
cold_(be)-(to) 23444 → be_cold-(to) 23444
diced_meat,chunks_of_meat 23473 → meat_(diced),diced_meat,chunks_of_meat 23473
digital_memory 23475 → artificial_intelligence,AI,digital_intelligence 23475 → digital_processing,artificial_intelligence,AI 23475
document 23479 → document,written_record 23479
file,data_file 23500 → file,data_file_(digital) 23500
math,mathematics_(class) 23585 → math,mathematics_(class)_(2) 23585
minced_meat,ground_meat 23591 → meat_(minced),minced_meat,ground_meat 23591
pedagogue_(academician) 23606 → educationalist,educationist_(academic) 23606
pedagogy 23607 → education,didactics,pedagogy 23607
philosopher_(academician) 23613 → philosopher_(academic) 23613
play_(with_spec.) 23618 → play_(in_combinations) 23618
Pterodactyl 23625 → Pterosaur,Pterodactyl 23625
switch,handle_(2) 23670 → switch 23670
teacher,pedagogue,educator_(with_spec.) 23676 → teacher,pedagogue,educator_(in_combinations) 23676
toy_(as_classifier_or_specifier) 23689 → toy_(in_combinations) 23689
district,neighbourhood_(town) 23848 → district,city_district,neighbourhood_(town) 23848
easy 23861 → easy,easily 23861
musical_instrument_(as_classifier) 23904 → musical_instrument_(in_combinations) 23904
pitch_(musical) 23928 → key,tonality 23928
rap 23934 → rap_(music) 23934
another 24011 → other,another_(thing) 24011
electorate 24092 → voter,elector 24092
electorates 24093 → electorate 24093 (plus symbol update!)
few 24111 → few,little 24111
foundation,basis 24120 → foundation,base,fundament 24120
meat_(dried) 24187 → meat_(dried),dried_meat 24187
medical_treatment 24188 → medical_treatment,medical_care 24188
protected 24223 → protected,saved 24223
stop_(vehicle) 24290 → stop,platform_(vehicle) 24290
team_work 24305 → teamwork 24305
tie-(to) 24311 → tie,bind_together,lash-(to) 24311
train_station_(1) 24314 → train_station_(building) 24314
train_station_(2) 24315 → train_station_(platforms) 24315
alcoholism_(1) 24405 → alcoholism,alcohol_addiction 24405
alcoholism_(2) 24406 → alcohol_abuse,alcohol_addiction 24406
Ceres_(planet) 24425 → Ceres_(dwarf_planet) 24425
Eris_(planet) 24440 → Eris_(dwarf_planet) 24440
Pluto_(planet) 24498 → Pluto_(dwarf_planet) 24498
smoking_addiction_(1) 24512 → smoking_addiction_(2) 24512
smoking_addiction_(2) 24513 → smoking_addiction_(1) 24513
axis 24605 → Earth_axis 24605
digital_storage 24640 → digital_memory,digital_storage 24640
document_(electronic) 24643 → document_(electronic),digital_document 24643
potty 24717 → potty,chamber_pot,bedpan 24717
quality_(measurement_of) 24721 → quality_(measurement) 24721
quantity_(measurement_of) 24722 .> quantity_(measurement) 24722
rent,lease,hire,charter-(to) 24732 → rent,lease,let-(to) 24732
rent,lease,let-(to) 24733 → rent,lease,hire,charter-(to) 24733
TV_programme,TV_show 24773 → TV_programme,TV_show,radio_programme 24773
measurement_(2) 24806 → scale,measurement 24806

This time also only another update of the language lexicon Excel file above with a first complete list of Swedish translations (Note: Still under revision!) – and an additional Excel file with gloss only, prepared for additional translations (so far for Danish, French, Dutch and German).
As you can see, this work has moved substantially slower than I hoped in September. The current schedule is for a thorough update of the vocabulary in December with complete harmonised English-Swedish translations for this repository based on WinBliss resources, and for the BlissOnline database and service. More complete and revised language translations will then be added as they become available in cooperation with all engaged good forces.

This time only an update of the language lexicon Excel file above – with added Finnish (close to complete) and a Spanish (provisional), and updates of the Norwegian (close to complete), Polish (close to complete) and Swedish (approaching completeness, but some more left to add and check)
(There are quite a lot of pending updates waiting to be reflected here in connection to the last major inspection and comparison of BCI-AV and BlissOnline vocabulary resources – hopefully added during September.)

Symbol correction in:
minute 15475 (incorrect apostrophe and kerning fixed) - in BCI-AV and Base lists

Another added symbol:
The base form of “hug,cuddle,embrace-(to)” 14909 - added as: hug,squeeze,embrace 24848 to additions_2009-2010_list-en_BCI-AV_(24801-24835_24840-24848).wbs” and BCI-AV lists (... probably more to come from Britt's complemented Swedish vocabulary list ...)
A duplicate entry of “bear's_head” has been removed from the additions_to_Base_list-en_2002_BCI-AV_(22901-22918).wbs – bringing down the number of symbols in it to 18 ranging in BCI-AV numbers from 22901-22918 (instead of 22901-22919). This symbol is found in the BCI-AV and additions_2009-2010_list-en_BCI-AV_(24801-24835_24840-24848) lists as
bear's_head 24801

A few corrections and amendments initiated by comparisons between Britt Amberntson's Swedish vocabulary documentation used by BlissOnline and the BCI-AV:
Symbol corrections in:
bear 12643 (incorrect kerning fixed) - in BCI-AV and Base lists
leg 15188 (pointer from right hand side instead of from the left) - in BCI-AV and Base lists
swimsuit,swimwear,bathing_suit 17484 (unmotivated comma removed) - in BCI-AV and Base lists
never 23906 (missing description indicator added, and colour code adjusted) - in BCI-AV and Antwerp lists
Added symbols - in “additions_2009-2010_list-en_BCI-AV_(24801-24835_24840-24847).wbs” and BCI-AV lists - Blisswords found in Britt Amberntson's Swedish documentation – complementary forms of existing symbols:
person form of “anthropology” 21548 - added as:
anthropologist 24840
added Blissword: children's_room 24841 (room + child ; probably temporarily lost from one of the panel lists)
verb form of “cost,price” 13417 - added as:
cost-(to) 24842
verb form of “exhibitionism,immodesty,indecent_exposure” 14125 - added as:
expose_oneself_indecently_(to) 24843
descriptive form of “finish,complete_(to)” 14181 - added as:
finished,complete,completed 24844
descriptive form of “light” 15208 - added as:
light_(not_dark) 24845
base form of “observe-(to)” 15908 - added as:
observation 24846
base form of “use-(to)” 17991 - added as:
usage,use 24847
Gloss corrections - in BCI-AV and Base lists:
cost 13417 →
cost,price 13417 (according to BRG)
Formula_one,CART,NASCAR 21830 →
Formula_One,NASCAR_Kart 21830 (term and spelling corrections)
car_racing 21829 →
car_racing,auto_racing 21829 (added most common term)
go-cart 21822 →
go-kart,kart 21822 (spelling correction and added synonym)
go-carting,carting 21831 →
kart_racing,karting,go-karting 21831 (spelling corrections and added synonym)

Symbol correction in bow,arc 23817 (Britt Amberntson just found a vertical position error making it a duplicate of mind,intellect,reason 15471) – the arc shall be positioned on the base line in bow,arc – now fixed (in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists). (A small correction made in the Swedish translation in the BCI-AV_2010-04-09_(en+sv+no+ru) spreadsheet file)

Gloss adjustments for better consistency and database look-up in BCI-AV and Base lists for:
cat,feline,felid,animal_(feline) 12383 → cat,feline_(animal),felid
deer,cervid,animal_(cervine) 12381 → deer,cervine_(animal),cervid
lizard,reptile,animal_(snake_like) 12388 → lizard,reptile_(snake_like_animal)

Symbol correction in: who,that,which-(relative) 16482 (faint alphabet commas replaced by symbol element “commas” - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
Spelling correction and gloss adjustments in:
double_base 23849 → double_bass,bass_fiddle,contrabass (in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
maracas,calabash,etc 23900 →
maracas,calabash_(etc) (in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
MP3_player,iPod,etc 23903 →
MP3_player,iPod_(etc) (in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
constructional_blocks,lego,etc 23454 →
constructional_blocks,lego_(etc) (in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
e-mail 23485 →
e-mail,email (in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
e-mail_address 23486 →
e-mail_address,email_address (in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)

Spelling corrections in:
17735 (BCI-AV and Base lists) and
exciting,excitingly,excited,excitedly 23868 (BCI-AV and Antwerp lists)
Gloss adjustment of
good,well,fine 14463 → good,well,fine,ok,okay,all_right (BCI-AV and Base lists), and
fine 23082 → fine_(penalty) 23082 (plus colour code in WinBliss) (BCI-AV and Furuboda lists)
Updated gloss in the feminine and masculine forms of the pronouns.
Updates of WinBliss files and several file export libraries

In connection to handling a file compatibility problem between the latest version of WinBliss (v. and earlier versions (of which I have until now used v., the following two symbol errors and corrections hav been done:
apricot 12409 – incorrect symbol (the “pit,stone” element) fixed – in the Base and BCI-AV lists
hair_spray 23880 – correction of distance between spray and head – in the Antwerp and BCI-AV lists
glasses,eyeglasses 14443 – a surplus comma at the end of the gloss/file name has been removed.

The file compatibility problem means that the following 45 symbols are drawn, and need to be maintained, differently between the earlier and the latest versions:
apricot 12409 (→ fixed incorrect symbol (pit,stone) - Base list), apricot_(dried) 24012, avocado 12600, barber,hairdresser 12628, barbershop,beauty_shop 12629, beard 12644, body_hair 24032, cherries 13159, chest_hair 24056, date_(fruit) 13637, dwarf,gnome 23481, facial_hair 24102, fur,coat_(animal),hair_(animal) 14415, ( hair 14660 ), hair_(head) 14661, hair_drier,blow_dryer 24141, hair_spray 23880 (→ correction distance between spray and head - Antwerp list), horsehair 24162, indicator_(future_conditional) 9000, indicator_(future_passive) 9001 indicator_(future_passive_conditional) 9002, indicator_(present_action) 24807, indicator_(present_participle) 24677, Leo_(in_zodiac) 22641, lion 15217, mane_(horse) 24184, mango 15419, peach,nectarine 15983, pit,stone 16188, pit,stone-(to) 16189, plum,drupe 16208, prune 24225, prune_(OLD) 16424, pubic_hair 16426, punk_rock 23932, roar_(lion)-(to) 24248, Santa_Claus,Father_Christmas 23647, seal 23657, shampoo 16938, shampoo-(to) 24262, shave-(to) 24263, shave_(beard)-(to) 16945, shaver,razor 16946, shaving_soap,shaving_cream 16947, tail_(horse) 24303
New versions – marked “...(new_WB_1.5.3.35)...” – of affected WinBliss lists added.
A new spreadsheet file (MS Excel format) for vocabulary translation maintenance has been added, currently containing the English WinBliss gloss that is generating the symbol file names, plus parts of the Swedish, Norwegian and Russian translations. This is a recommended platform for added new language translations – until we possibly have better tools via BlissOnline etc. Please contact me if you have ambitions or questions regarding this!

Duplicate grocery_store 14645 and grocery_store,food_store,supermarket 14645, and grocery_store,supermarket 23102 lost by mistake. Renamed 14645 to grocery_store,food_store,supermarket_(OLD) and 23102 to grocery_store,food_store,supermarket.
A few minor corrections and amendments to the gloss update is documented in the Bliss_gloss_updates_(BRG)_2010-02-16.pdf
documentation file – (updated 2010-02-16) – latest changes in yellow highlighting.

This is a last revision of the lists after the gloss updates, and after going through the open issues with Britt Amberntson. For the more complete documentation of the update, please check the file Bliss_gloss_updates_(BRG)_2010-02-16.pdf - (updated 2010-02-16). This time all affected WinBliss lists are updated, as well as the complete image file export libraries. (Note that the separate file export libs are still not updated).
Most notable changes:
Two added symbols:
ever,whenever (Base_list – found in BRG but lost)
last_month ( found in examples in BRG – added to additions_2009_list.)
Two removed symbols:
tastyrenamed to: tasty_(old_removed) and removed from Base_list and BCI-AV (found in changes_in_Base_list-en_2002_2010-01-23.wbs documentation list) to avoid duplication of more appropriate tasty,good,appetizing 20526.
frozenrenamed to frozen_(duplicate_removed) and removed from Base and BCI-AV list (found in changes_in_Base_list-en_2002_2010-01-23.wbs )

Duplicates found and removed:
fasten,attach,join,append-(to) 14154 (earlier “fasten-(to)”) and the identical attach,append-(to) 23406 (from Oxford) – The latter removed!

Gloss update:
flammable,inflammable 14195 -> burnable,combustible,ignitable - to avoid confusion with inflammable,flammable 24680 (easily ignited)

The gloss for 734 Blissymbols, mainly from BRG lexicon, but including a few (17) from the more recent parts of the vocabulary, have been updated to comply with the original gloss alternatives in BRG, sometimes modified to match later additions and/or with guidance from WordNet. As usual, some issues have come up during the work, which need to be resolved – see the notes in the document Bliss_gloss_updates_(BRG).pdf. I'll have a meeting with Britt shortly, and you are all welcome to comment. A complete list of changes is found at the end of this document.

Added (
to BCI-AV and additions_2009 lists):
BCI-AV 24808 agreed,in_agreement ,     BCI-AV 24809 bathtub ,                    BCI-AV 24810 bugle_(hunting) ,
BCI-AV 24811
conductor_(music) ,           BCI-AV 24812 government ,             BCI-AV 24813 homosexual_(female),lesbian ,
BCI-AV 24814
homosexual_(male),gay , BCI-AV 24815 in_love ,                     BCI-AV 24816 massage-(to) ,
BCI-AV 24817
niece_or_nephew ,           BCI-AV 24818 psychology_(class) ,  BCI-AV 24819 quickness,rapidity,speediness ,
BCI-AV 24820
terrorism ,                        BCI-AV 24821 troublesome ,              BCI-AV 24822 upset,disturbance,agitation ,
BCI-AV 24823
cry_out,call-(to) ,             BCI-AV 24824 laugh,laughter ,           BCI-AV 24825 push,pushing ,
BCI-AV 24826
jewelry,jewellery ,           BCI-AV 24827 boring,dull,depressing, BCI-AV 24828 laundry_(workplace) ,
BCI-AV 24829
great,wonderful,fantastic, BCI-AV 24830 geyser ,                       BCI-AV 24831 terror,panic ,
BCI-AV 24832
wait,waiting ,                     BCI-AV 24833 wish,desire ,                BCI-AV 24834 want,wish,wishing

Added (– to BCI-AV and Base lists):
BCI-AV 13948
appreciate,value,treasure-(to) (lost and recovered, previously “evaluate as good (to) (Hebrew)”)

Symbol updates:
BCI-AV 12366 alphabet (upper case to lower case letters - in Base and BCI-AV lists) + gloss updatealphabet,letters_(1)
BCI-AV 24410
bacterial_infection (character order change - in Dundee and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24411
bacterium (character order change - in Dundee and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 22075
canoe (slight kerning correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 13407
control_oneself-(to) (slight character spacing correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23459
cordless_phone (slight vertical element position correction - in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 22564
corkscrew (slight horizontal element position correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23506
finger_spelling,finger_alphabet (slight kerning correction - in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23507
fingerspell-(to) (slight kerning and indicator position correction - in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 14199
flea (horizontal element position correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 14710
hide-(to) (kerning correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 14713
hip (pointer direction correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23893
last_(person,etc) (missing description indicator added - in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 21576
otolaryngologist (kerning correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 15990
pelican (vertical element position correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 15993
penguin (vertical element position correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 16432
puncture-(to) (indicator position correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists) + gloss update → puncture,prick-(to)
BCI-AV 22830
runes ( upper case changed to lower case letters - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 21109
sacrament_of_anointment_of_sick (horizontal element position correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17013
slipper (removed comma - in Base and BCI-AV lists) + gloss update → slipper(s)
BCI-AV 17214
sorry (kerning correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17241
spring (character spacing correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17483
swimming_pool (removed comma - in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23964
tambourine_(1) (incorrect “drum” character corrected - in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23969
triangle_(instrument)_(2) (incorrect character order corrected - in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17956
turn ( kerning correction - in Base and BCI-AV lists) + gloss update → turn,play
BCI-AV 24329
wart,papilloma_(venereal) (vertical pointer position correction - in Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24334
venereal_papilloma (symbol definition and vertical pointer position correction - in Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)

Gloss updates:
BCI-AV 12339 additionaddition,gain ( in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 13399 conductor → conductor_(music)_(OLD) ( in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 12339
addition → addition,gain ( in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23872
flute,traverse_flute → flute,transverse_flute ( in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 14462
government → government_(OLD) ( in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 16164
person_(sick) → illness,disease,sickness,person_(sick) ((+ changed colour attribute) in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 14930
important → important,significant ( in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 16446
quick → quick,fast,quickly,rapid,rapidly ( in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 16723
sauce → sauce,gravy,relish,dressing_(OLD) ( in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17223
special → special,particular ( in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17533
thanks→ thanks,thank_you ( in Base and BCI-AV lists)


Duplicate found: BCI-AV 23896 line,queue and BCI-AV 24229 queue,linethe latter removed from the Dusseldorf and BCI-AV lists!

Added: BCI-AV 24807 indicator_(present_action)to BCI-AV and additions_2009 lists – forgotten in the Montreal indicator additions

Symbol updates:
BCI-AV 12365 alpana (Pointer position in Base and BCI-AV lists) + gloss update → alpana,rangoli_(decoration)
BCI-AV 12855
bleed-(to) (Operator position in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 13149
challah (Inter-character space correction in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 16231
potato_chips (Water element position corrected in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17461
summer_day_camp (Last pointer element position corrected in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 18250
wide (Operator position in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23449
computer_game (incorrect verb operator removed in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24023
bisexual (Kerning updates in Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24024
bisexuality (Kerning updates in Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)

Gloss updates:

Correction: BCI-AV 21094 group_home_(family) → family_(group_home) (Base and BCI-AV lists)

A number of spelling errors found and corrected:
BCI-AV 16977 sign,advertisment → sign,advertisement (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 21548 antropology →
anthropology (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23482 electrical_ingeneer →
electrical_engineer (Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24405 alchoholism_(1) →
alcoholism_(1) and
BCI-AV 24406 alchoholism_(2) →
alcoholism_(2) (Dundee and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24482 mental_illnes →
mental_illness (Dundee and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24523 virial_infection →
viral_infection (Dundee and BCI-AV lists)

Gloss update according to BRG:

BCI-AV 12374 and → and,also,plus,too (as of BRG)
BCI-AV 15474 minus →
minus,no,without (as of BRG)
BCI-AV 15198
letter → letter,mail,post (as of BRG)
BCI-AV 16683 roll → roll,bun

Other gloss updates:
BCI-AV 12365 alpanaalpana,rangoli_(decoration) (Base and BCI-AV lists) (plus symbol correction – see above)
BCI-AV 17976 unfold-(to)unfold-(to)_(OLD) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23980 unfoldunfold-(to) (Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)


Added export librariesnow PNG libs with transparent backgrounds, including 3 additional sizes (re-scaled from the 164 hight originals)
BCI-AV 17498 take_away → take_away,remove-(to)


Thanks to Lovisa Jakobsson's continued comparison's of the Swedish Bliss Online libraries and the WinBliss BCI-AV libraries the following errors and imperfections have been found and corrected:
Symbol corrections in:
BCI-AV 24154
homosexuality (Kerning updates in Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 14887
homosexuality_(female), (Kerning updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 14888
homosexuality_(male) - (Kerning updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 14199
flea - (Kerning updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 15403 lucky → l
ucky,fortunate - (Position and gloss updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 21606
massage - (Kerning updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 15454
menorah - (Symbol updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24172
independent - (Kerning updates in Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 15990
pelican - (Position updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 15993
penguin - ( Position updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23660
shellfish - ( Position updates in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23674
tailor,dressmaker,seamstress - (Kerning updates in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24021
bean_(dried) - (Kerning updates in Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 13880
dried_bean_(OLD) - (Kerning updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17442
string_bean - (Kerning updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 13373
coffee - (Kerning updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 14911
hummus - (Kerning updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23950
snowmobile - (Kerning updates in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23951
snowplow,snowplough - (Kerning updates in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17198
snowstorm - (Kerning updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 21854 javelin →
javelin,spear - (Position updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 21851
javelin_throw - (Position updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23953
spray,vaporize-(to) - (Kerning updates in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 17264 stocking →
stocking(s),sock(s),pantyhose,tights - (Gloss updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23963 syntheziser →
synthesizer,synthesiser,keyboard – (Symbol and gloss updates in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 21626
water_sports - (Position updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 23248 weight_(2) →
weight_(measurement) - (Gloss updates in Furuboda and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 15443 measurement →
measurement_(1) - (Gloss updates in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV 24806
measurement_(2) – (New symbol in Additions_2009 and BCI-AV lists)

Typo correction of “cooking,cookery,preparation-(hot_food)” 22908 → “cooking,cookery,preparation_(hot_food)” 22908 in the “Additions_to_Base_list_2002” and “BCI-AV...” WinBliss files and export libs (Thanks to Sandra Derbring)
A minor update of the content: Some updated symbols and file names made in June release had not been correctly reflected in this separate export.


Removed “spaces” from gloss and file names (Thanks to Sandra):
24671 "indicator_(indefinite_ form)" → "indicator_(indefinite_form)" (Montreal)
23411 "backspace_(computer)-(to) " → “
backspace_(computer)-(to)" (Oxford)

A few minor gloss/file_name typos have been corrected:
BCI-AV nr.23835 “childrens_song,nursery_rhyme” → “children's_song,nursery_rhyme(Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.23876 “french_horn_(1)” → “
French_horn_(1)”    (partly updated before) (Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.23877 “french_horn_(2)” → “
French_horn_(2)”    (partly updated before) (Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.24017 “at_one´s_destination,there” → “
at_one's_destination,there(Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.24059 “Children´s_Day” → “
Children's_Day(Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.24188 “medical treatment” → “
medical_treatment(Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.24638 “digital device” → “
digital_device(Montreal and BCI-AV lists)

Thanks to Eive Landin's continued comparison between the Bliss database in Symbol for Windows (maintained by Doeko Hekstra and updated by Britt Amberntson and Laila Johansen) and the WinBliss BCI-AV a number of additional inconsistencies have been identified and updated (with the support of Britt) in the BCI-AV. They are as follows:
Another omitted Bliss-word from the BRG (with an obvious place-holder in the ISO/BCI-AV numbering) – – has been located and added:
great experience (Hebrew) (good + intensity: intensely good feeling)” - empty slot for it in the ISO/BCI-AV numbering at 14640 (between “gray” and “green_(bci)”)! Added as “great_experience.
The gloss has been swapped between previous “
hornsand “horns,antlers”– so now “hornshas BCI-AV nr. 14896, and “horn,antlershas BCI-AV nr. 21061 (in the Base and BCI-AV lists)

Gloss updates also in:
BCI-AV nr.12334 “action,activity” → “
action(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.12335 “action” → “
activity,action,act,deed(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.12881 “bottom” → “
bottom,base(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.13122 “cards” → “
cards,playing_cards(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.13130 “castle_(OLD) ” → “
castle,palace_(OLD) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.13173 “chocolate_flavouring_(OLD)” → “
chocolate_flavouring,cocoa,cacao_powder_(OLD)(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.13607 “creation” → “
creation,nature(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.13911 “egg_(1)” → “
egg,ovum_(1)(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.13912 “egg_(2)” → “
egg,ovum_(2)(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.14407 “fruit_yogurt” → “
fruit_yogurt,fruit_yoghurt(as of WordNet) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.14428 “gender” → “
gender,sex(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.14433 “male_genitals_(1)” → “
male_genitals(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.14644 “green_onion” → “
green_onion,scallion,spring_onion(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.14687 “he” → “
he,him,himself (as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.14905 “house” → “
house,building,dwelling,residence(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.14916 “I” → “
I,me,myself(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.15179 “laundromat” → “
laundromat,launderette,laundry(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.15417 “male_genitals_(2)” → “
man_(with_penis)(Base and BCI-AV lists) ... and subsequently:
BCI-AV nr.15439 “mean” → “
mean,cruel(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.15455 “menstruation” → “
menstruation,menstrual_period,period(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.15669 “movie” → “
movie,film(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.15920 “onion” → “
onion,vegetable_(bulb)(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.16498 “restaurant” → “
restaurant,cafeteria(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.16695 “rub-(to)” → “
rub,massage-(to)(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.16949 “she” → “
she,her,herself (as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.17207 “some” → “
some,any(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.17528 “test” → “
test,assessment,exam(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.17712 “they-(indefinite)” → “
they,them,themselves-(indefinite)(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.17713 “they-(persons)” → “
they,them,themselves-(persons)(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.17716 “thin” → “
thin,slim(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.18212 “we” → “
we,us,ourselves(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.18296 “yogurt” → “
yogurt,yoghurt(as of WordNet) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.18302 “you-(plural)” → “
you,yourselves-(plural)(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.18465 “you” → “
you,yourself(as of BRG) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.21069 “bible_(Christian)” → “
Bible_(Christian)(as of Supplement) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.22133 “lasagne” → “
lasagne,lasagna(as of WordNet) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.22340 “cacao,cocoa_(sweet_powder)” → “
chocolate,cocoa,cacao_(sweet_powder)(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.22341 “cacao,cocoa_(powder)” → “
chocolate,cocoa,cacao_(bitter_powder)(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.22357 “yogurt_(frozen)” → “
yogurt,yoghurt_(frozen)(as of WordNet) (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.23583 “man-made_item” → “
making,production,fashioning(Oxford and BCI-AV lists) (See “man-made_item,artefact,artifact” below!)
BCI-AV nr.24416 “binoculars, telescope” → “
binoculars,field_glass(Dundee list)
Duplication of and confusion in Bliss-words has been found: In the Supplement and Base list we have BCI-AV nr.22836 “the_Universe” (all + planet) and exactly the same symbol was entered in Dundee as BCI-AV nr.24514 “solar_system” (which is the correct concept for this symbol) together with BCI-AV nr.24520 “Universe”:
BCI-AV nr.22836the_Universe” renamed to “solar_system(in Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.24514solar_system” has been removed! (from Dundee and BCI-AV lists)

Symbol corrections in:
BCI-AV nr.13104 “
cafe- comma removed (!) and gloss updated to ”cafe,coffee_house,snack_bar(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.13143 “
cent- to lower case “c” with shorter vertical line (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.13432 “
cramp- pointer removed (!) and gloss updated to ”cramp,spasm(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.14407 “
fruit_yogurt,fruit_yoghurt- comma removed, in consequence with other “yogurt,yoghurts (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.14968 “
Jerusalem_Day- added point for “first” (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.15404 “
lulav- pointer direction update (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.16964 “
shoulder- pointer position update (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.17740 “
toast- pointer position update (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.17741 “
toast-(to)- pointer position update (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.17742 “
toaster- pointer position update (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.22130 “
macaroni- changed from horisontal to vertical “pipe,tube” (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.23402 “
address(in Oxford and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.24230 “
rack,single-foot-(to)- “fire” missing in “Iceland” (Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr.24262 “
shampoo-(to)- correction of hair position (Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)

Added separate Bliss-characters/words:
bear's_head- BCI_AV nr.24801 - (used in “bear”) in “additions_2009_list-en” and BCI-AV lists
bell,chime_bar- BCI_AV nr. 24802 - (used in “bells,chime_bars,tubular_bells”) in “additions_2009_list-en” and BCI-AV lists
man-made_item,artefact,artifact- BCI_AV nr. 24803 - in “additions_2009_list-en” and BCI-AV lists
eagerness,keenness,willingness- BCI_AV nr.24804 - (used in “eager,keen,willing”) in “additions_2009_list-en” and BCI-AV lists
jump_(backward)- BCI_AV nr.24805 - (used in “undo_(computer)-(to)”) in “additions_2009_list-en” and BCI-AV lists

Thanks to Lovisa Jakobsson (and the Bliss Online work at SPSM) the following Bliss-words with errors have been identified and updated in the Dundee and BCI-AV lists :
drug_addict (BCI-AV nr. 24434), drug_addiction (BCI-AV nr. 24435) and bottle_nipple,teat (BCI-AV nr 24418) – minor kerning adjustments
eating_disorder (BCI-AV nr. 24439) – incorrect definition: (mental illness + subtraction + food) updated to correct: (mental illness + food)

Two other kerning errors - “over kerning” of “field_hockey_(activity)and “ice_hockey_(activity)- have been found and updated in the Base and BCI-AV lists

Also largely thanks to Lovisa, errors have been spotted and corrections made for the following Bliss-words:
BCI-AV nr. 12851 “
blackbird- incorrect “black” updated (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 13420 “
cough-(to)- incorrect “wind” updated (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 15394 “
lose_(fail_to_keep)-(to)- kerning correction (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 15738 “
nuclear_energy- minor horisontal distance corrections (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 15740 “
nuclear_radiation,radioactivity- minor horisontal distance corrections (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 16962 “
short- vertical position correction (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 22580 “
electric_pan- kerning correction (Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 23811 “
bass_guitar- minor horisontal distance correction (Antwerp and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 24104 “
fan_(machine)- horisontal position correction (Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 24135 “
glow- minor kerning correction (Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 24136 “
glow-(to)- minor kerning correction (Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 24147 “
hay- minor horisontal position correction (Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 24153 “
homosexual- minor kerning correction (Düsseldorf and BCI-AV lists)

Indicator position adjustments have been made in the following:
BCI-AV nr. 14131 “
explode-(to)(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 13872
drain-(to)(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 15420 “
man-made(Base and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 24651 “
erupt-(to)(Montreal and BCI-AV lists)
BCI-AV nr. 24765 “
sunbathe-(to)(Montreal and BCI-AV lists)

12 omitted Bliss-words have been located and added – from the BRG (11 of them with obvious place-holders in the ISO/BCI-AV numbering) and Supplement (just one, with no place-holder, so seems to have been lost before or during the numbering process). (Thanks to Eive Landin!)
They are as follows:
exhibitionism,immodesty,indecent_exposure” BCI-AV 14125,
handmade_object” BCI-AV 14672,
harmony,harmoniousness,concord,concordance” BCI-AV 14680,
eyeliner,kohl” BCI-AV 15164,
make-believe,pretend” BCI-AV 15411
recreation_room,moadan” BCI-AV 15482,
satisfaction,contentment” BCI-AV 16721,
tahini,sesame_seed_spread” BCI-AV 17495,
to,toward,towards” BCI-AV 17739,
unidentified_object_(suspected_explosive)” BCI-AV 17977,
voyeurism” BCI-AV 18023,
forgiven” BCI-AV 21381 (BCI-AV number allocated at the end of the relevant sub series)

One error in pointer direction on the “tie” symbol was spotted (Thanks to Marianne Malherbe!) and corrected. The gloss has also been updated to “tie,necktie” (according to BRG).

Duplicate found in the the Antwerp and Montreal lists: ”childrens_song” and ”nursery_rhyme,childrens_song” - The latter removed (from Montreal list), and ”childrens_song” renamed to ”childrens_song,nursery_rhyme” BCI-AV numbers updated in the Montreal and full lists.
7 additions to the Addditions list “Addidtions_to_Base_list.en_2002_BCI-AV_(22901-22918).wbs): “astrologer,astrologist”, “beauty”, breakdown_lorry,tow_truck(removed 09-06-19), “cook,chef”, “cooking,cookery,preparation-(hot_food)”, “cooking,cookery,preparation_(general)”, and “self-abusive” which was added earlier, but then temporarily lost from the WinBliss list).
Gloss updates: “Moslem” → “Muslim,Moslem,Islamic, ”Muslim” → “Muslim,Moslem, “halloween” → “Halloween,All_Saint's_Day,
“near” → “
near,almost,close,nearly(form BRG), “beautiful” → “beautiful,attractive,good-looking,handsome,pretty(form BRG),
“container” → “
container,bowl,holder,pouch(form BRG), “dump_truck” → “dump_truck,dumper,tipper_lorry,tipper(from WN + BRG).
Update of symbols containing horizontal tube – to vertical tube: “
bowel,intestine, “fallopian_tube, “umbilical_cord, “urethra, “vas_deferens, “vasectomy. Missing “tubal_ligation(BCI-AV 17789) added to the base list (Base_list_en_2002_BCI-AV_3030syms.wbs).

The complete BCI-AV list – and separate lists – in WinBliss have now been complemented with new BCI-AV numbers (in the same style as the old so called ISO numbers). The number ranges are included in the different separate WinBliss file names. (Note that the previous numbers provided only for the Dundee list have been replaced by new ones in sequence with the other lists.)
As new BCI-AV numbers were added, minor corrections were also done in the old base (earlier “standard”) list:

#13625   (had been accidently dropped from BRG lexicon)
#13867   (had been accidently dropped from BRG lexicon)
#14463   (had been accidently dropped from BRG lexicon)
has been updated to congratulations,best_of_luck,mazel_tov #15487 - added to handle previous gloss-symbol inconsistency in previous mazel_tov, now congratulate-(to).

Other preliminary additions that were new - or belonged to the Oxford list (king, prince, princess, queen) - have been moved from the “Base_list...” into the "changes_in_Base_list-en...." and Oxford lists.

In the Montreal list the following to gloss updates have been done to correct a mistake of handling these as “synonyms” when they are rather “antonyms”:
“rent, lease (1) -(to)” to “
“rent, lease (2) -(to)” to “

Up and downarrow kerning corrections in the following 13 Bliss-words (thanks to Marianne!) – plus correction in arrow directions in “anxious” – and including 4 gloss updates (according to BRG – the Bliss Reference Guide lexicon):
anxiety, anxious (gloss updated to “anxious,anxiously), crane, elevator (gloss updated to “elevator,lift), embarrassed, embarrassing, embarrassment, hoist (gloss updated to “hoist,lift), milkshake, shake-(to) (gloss updated to “shake,jiggle-(to)), tease-(to), tongue, upset.
A missing activity indicator has been added to “
hum-(to)from the Antwerp list.
Also a few additional gloss updates: “
lift-(to)” → “lift,raise-(to)(according to BRG), “french frieschanged to “French fries,chips_(OLD)to make room for new “French fries,chips(added in Montreal), also “french horn (1)and “french horn (2)have been updated to “French horn (1)and “French horn (2).

Duplicate found in Oxford-2004 list: “dolphin,porpoise_(etc)” - and “dolphin” in the Std-2002 list – just an update of gloss in Std list.

Duplicate found in Standard and Furuboda lists: “protest-(to)” and “protest,oppose-(to)” - joined to “protest,oppose-(to)
Gloss adjustment: “fair,just” changed to “just,fair

Earlier changes:

"walkway,footpath" had a duplicate "footpath,pathway" - the latter removed from the joined worklist

duplicates found in - and removed from - separate lists:
"general" - duplicate removed from the Oxford list - (belongs to the Düsseldorf 2006 list)
"theology,philosophy_of_religion" removed from the Furuboda - (belongs to the Oxford list)
"gale" duplicate removed from the Antwerp list
"hedgehog" removed from Oxford list (already updated in the standard list)
"porcupine" removed from Oxford list (already updated in the standard list)

Gloss corrections:
"copier,photo_copier" corrected to "copier,photocopier" - (in the joined list - according to documented decision)
“halvah” changed to “halva,halvah,halwa” - (in the standard-EN_2002... and joined “Worklists ....”)

incorrect "excited" symbol corrected in the Antwerp list

The new BCI Authorized Vocabulary Numbers (former ISO numbers) have been corrected - in the Dundee and joined WinBliss lists


The image files in the new libs above are named according to the following:

Naming convention for Blissymbol image files:

       ,alternative_gloss (synonym words)
                   _(1) (Bliss-word synonym # 1 and upwards)
                                 .xxx (file type suffix)

No identical glosses should be used: homonym words separated by accompanying synonym word(s) or by specifier on all but one of them,
Bliss-word synonyms - handled by the (1), (2) rule above


Added rule about adding _(OLD) at the end (after -(to) for verbs) of old Bliss-word glosses when newer recommended replacements are added (instead of synonym numbering)!! These old versions will probably be gradually removed from active vocabularies and maintained for historic reference only.


Suggested possible added conventions for grammar indicators in inflections:

Verb forms (e.g. walk,go-(to)):
past simple (walked, went):    
-(vps) - gloss: walk,go-(vps)
past perfect (walked, gone):   
-(vpp) - gloss: walk,go-(vpp)
present tense (walk, walks):  
 -(vp)   - gloss: walk,go-(vp)

future (will walk, will go):         -(vfu)  - gloss: walk,go-(vfu)
progressive (walking, going):
-(vpr) - gloss: walk,go-(vpr)
Plural forms: (e.g. horse)        -(pl) - gloss: horse-(pl)

The reason for this suggestion is that it minimises the issues and work load in naming the inflected forms, and that it will be easy for a program to find and manage the forms – but it requires a look-up file to link up each symbol from the inflected words.

Gloss format in lexical entries:

The above described convention is recommended as a foundation for the glossing format also in general lexicon listings and documentation – though in a readable format for humans. The examples above would then be:

word1, word2 (specifier)
verb (1) -(to)
verb (2) -(to)
etc. ...


Copyright Mats Lundälv

For the BC-AV resources see: BCI Licensing Conditions 

Mats Lundälv, 2018, April 19